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movies 2 // 2005-08-28

the movie list

i see a lot of movies and i want to keep track of them all. mostly so i can look back periodically and think, "boy, i see a lot of shitty movies." the list starts where i can remember. i've also noted where i saw the movie or if i watched in on dvd.

06.05.2009--the hammer, dvd
06.03.2009--small crime, uptown (siff)
06.01.2009--up, pacific place
05.11.2009--star trek, cinerama
04.15.2009--duplicity, metro
04.03.2009--adventureland, pacific place
04.02.2009--witness for the prosecution, dvd
04.01.2009--remember the night, dvd
03.20.2009--i love you, man, guild 45th
03.11.2009--watchmen, neptune
02.14.2009--brief encounter, dvd
02.13.2009--munich, dvd
02.12.2009--let the right one in, crest
02.09.2009--he's just not that into you, meridian 16
02.07.2009--slumdog millionaire, majestic bay
01.23.2009--zack and miri make a porno, crest
01.17.2009--the wrestler, seven gables
01.10.2009--tell no one, crest
12.28.2008--to have and have not, dvd
12.25.2008--meet me in st. louis, dvd
12.19.2008--nothing like the holidays, metro
12.12.2008--twilight, meridian 16
11.29.2008--milk, egyptian
11.27.2008--hors de prix, dvd
11.22.2008--the women, dvd
11.21.2008--un conte de noel, seven gables
11.17.2008--quantum of solace, neptune
10.17.2008--rachel getting married, egyptian
09.27.2008--pickup on south street, dvd
09.25.2008--green for danger, dvd
09.20.2008--the most dangerous game, dvd
09.13.2008--burn after reading, seven gables
08.29.2008--iron man, the crest
08.13.2008--tropic thunder, meridian 16
08.10.2008--primary colors, dvd
08.09.2008--pineapple express, pacific place
07.24.2008--the dark knight, pacific place
07.07.2008--hancock, neptune
07.05.2008--sex and the city, guild 45th (it was better the second time!)
06.30.2008--wall-e, majestic bay
06.14.2008--you don't mess with the zohan, pacific place
06.14.2008--sex and the city, meridian 16
06.01.2008--near dark, dvd
05.30.2008--zodiac, dvd
05.29.2008--indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull, neptune
05.24.2008--i want someone to eat cheese with, dvd
05.06.2008--harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay, pacific place
05.03.2008--iron man, neptune
04.28.2008--baby mama, pacific place
04.20.2008--street kings, metro
04.19.2008--forgetting sarah marshall, pacific place
04.13.2008--smart people, guild 45th
04.06.2008--leatherheads, meridian 16
04.01.2008--paranoid park, neptune
03.21.2008--charade, dvd
03.20.2008--doomsday, meridian 16
03.17.2008--state and main, dvd
03.16.2008--casino, dvd
03.14.2008--tootsie, dvd
03.13.2008--the bank job, pacific place
03.08.2008--miss pettigrew lives for a day, seven gables
03.03.2008--futurama: bender's big score, dvd
03.03.2008--definitely, maybe, pacific place
03.01.2008--live flesh, dvd
02.23.2008--be kind rewind, pacific place
02.12.2008--rocky, dvd
02.02.2008--broadcast news, dvd
02.01.2008--anatomy of a murder, dvd
01.28.2008--all about eve, dvd
01.27.2008--27 dresses, metro
01.26.2008--notes on a scandal, dvd
01.24.2008--persuasion, dvd
01.19.2008--the big clock, dvd
01.12.2008--atonement, seven gables
01.06.2008--there will be blood, pacific place
12.29.2007--the ladykillers, dvd
12.29.2007--i am legend, metro
12.28.2007--the savages, harvard exit
12.27.2007--walk hard: the dewey cox story, oak tree
12.25.2007--sweeney todd: the demon barber of fleet street, meridian 16
12.17.2007--juno, neptune
12.16.2007--play misty for me, dvd
12.11.2007--enchanted, majestic bay
12.03.2007--pride and prejudice, dvd
12.01.2007--the big lebowski, egyptian
11.30.2007--sense and sensibility, dvd
11.25.2007--margot at the wedding, harvard exit
11.21.2007--superbad, the crest
11.19.2007--being there, dvd
11.19.2007--no country for old men, guild 45th
11.18.2007--baby face, dvd
11.11.2007--blade runner: the final cut, cinerama
11.02.2007--before the devil knows you're dead, egyptian
10.28.2007--dan in real life, meridian 16
10.14.2007--the darjeeling limited, kendall square cinema (cambridge, ma!)
10.07.2007--michael clayton, pacific place
10.01.2007--the jane austen book club, seven gables
09.30.2007--lust, caution, SIFF cinema (special appearance by ang lee!)
09.28.2007--the kingdom, meridian 16
09.20.2007--2 days in paris, harvard exit
08.28.2007--lolita, SIFF Cinema
08.26.2007--becoming jane, guild 45th
08.24.2007--blood simple, dvd
08.21.2007--night and the city, dvd
08.20.2007--ace in the hole, dvd
08.17.2007--superbad, neptune
08.13.2007--hot rod, meridian 16
08.10.2007--bringing up baby, dvd
08.04.2007--the ten, varsity
07.30.2007--the simpsons movie, pacific place
07.24.2007--transformers, pacific place
07.16.2007--butch cassidy and the sundance kid, dvd
07.14.2007--harry potter and the order of the phoenix, majestic bay
07.07.2007--me and you and everyone we know, dvd
07.03.2007--ratatouille, meridian 16
07.01.2007--live free or die hard, meridian 16
06.28.2007--killer of sheep, northwest film forum
06.27.2007--libeled lady, dvd
06.24.2007--bullitt, dvd
06.23.2007--day for night, dvd
06.22.2007--woman of the year, dvd
06.10.2007--ocean's thirteen, pacific place
06.04.2007--pirates of the caribbean: at world's end, pacific place
06.03.2007--knocked up, meridian 16
06.03.2007--the miracle of morgan's creek, dvd
05.27.2007--after the thin man, dvd
05.24.2007--son of rambow, SIFF opening night with arno
05.20.2007--the thin man, dvd
05.19.2007--hot fuzz, meridian 16
04.30.2007--spider-man 3, neptune
04.21.2007--the hoax, pacific place
03.31.2007--blades of glory, meridian 16
03.30.2007--shooter, pacific place
03.16.2007--the rules of the game, harvard exit
03.09.2007--mafioso, seven gables
03.03.2007--because i said so, pacific place
02.19.2007--music and lyrics, meridian 16
02.17.2007--the queen, seven gables
02.03.2007--flushed away, the crest
01.02.2007--the history boys, harvard exit
12.27.2006--the good german, pacific place
12.12.2006--the holiday, metro
12.01.2006--volver, egyptian
11.21.2006--for your consideration, guild 45th
11.17.2006--casino royale, neptune
11.10.2006--stranger than fiction, meridian 16
11.08.2006--the departed, meridian 16
11.03.2006--borat!: cultural learnings of america for make benefit glorious nation of kazakhstan , pacific place
10.29.2006--the prestige, meridian 16
10.27.2006--jet li's fearless, meridian 16
10.23.2006--marie antoinette, majestic bay
10.19.2006--the guardian, pacific place
10.13.2006--the science of sleep, egyptian
10.10.2006--ye yan, yes, i saw the same movie again in the same theater in chengdu
09.22.2006--ye yan, a movie theater in downtown chengdu, china
08.10.2006--scoop, seven gables
08.06.2006--talladega nights: the ballad of ricky bobby, pacific place
08.04.2006--little miss sunshine, pacific place
07.29.2006--lu cao di (mongolian ping pong), varsity
07.27.2006--monster house, pacific place
07.21.2006--pirates of the caribbean: dead man's chest, pacific place
07.14.2006--x-men: the last stand, meridian 16
07.06.2006--a prairie home companion, seven gables
07.02.2006--the devil wears prada, metro
06.09.2006--the break-up, pacific place
05.28.2006--christmas in connecticut, dvd
05.19.2006--art school confidential, egyptian
05.05.2006--stick it, meridian 16
04.18.2006--american dreamz, pacific place (screening with arno)
04.15.2006--friends with money, metro
04.04.2006--days of heaven, seen in a luxurious home movie theater on bainbridge island
03.17.2006--failure to launch, metro
02.17.2006--tristram shandy: a cock and bull story, guild 45th
02.10.2006--match point, pacific place
01.14.2006--brokeback mountain, seven gables
01.08.2006--rumor has it, meridian 16
01.07.2006--fever pitch, dvd
01.07.2006--mr. blandings builds his dream house, dvd
01.06.2006--the matador, metro
12.28.2005--walk the line, varsity
12.27.2005--wallace gromit in the curse of the were-rabbit, the crest
12.20.2005--king kong, neptune
12.16.2005--the family stone, metro
12.08.2005--sarah silverman: jesus is magic, varsity
11.26.2005--pride & prejudice, guild 45th
11.21.2005--harry potter and the goblet of fire, pacific place
11.05.2005--the squid and the whale, varsity
10.07.2005--in her shoes, pacific place
10.06.2005--the shining, at school!
09.24.2005--thumbsucker, uptown
09.23.2005--corpse bride, meridian 16
09.17.2005--the baxter, varsity
09.08.2005--pretty persuasion, varsity
08.28.2005--2046, harvard exit
08.24.2005--the 40 year old virgin, meridian 16
08.19.2005--junebug, seven gables
08.14.2005--the aristocrats, neptune
08.05.2005--must love dogs, pacific place
08.04.2005--the hitchiker's guide to the galaxy, the crest
07.30.2005--bad news bears, pacific place
07.15.2005--wedding crashers, meridian 16
06.22.2005--mr. and mrs. smith, meridian 16
06.18.2005--star wars: episode III - revenge of the sith, pacific place
06.17.2005--batman begins, pacific place
06.01.2005--happily ever after, neptune (siff)
05.24.2005--two great sheep, harvard exit (siff)
05.24.2005--born into brothels, guild 45th
05.14.2005--kung fu hustle, meridian 16
04.02.2005--schulze gets the blues, metro
03.27.2005--hitch, meridian 16
03.25.2005--melinda and melinda, pacific place
03.25.2005--love, etc., dvd
03.24.2005--beauty shop, pacific place (screening with arno)
03.19.2005--million dollar baby, meridian 16
03.10.2005--ice princess, pacific place (screening with arno)
02.20.2005--ong-bak, meridian 16
02.12.2005--the wedding date, pacific place
01.17.2005--in good company, meridian 16
01.05.2005--spanglish, meridian 16
01.01.2005--blade: trinity, pacific place
01.01.2005--lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events, meridian 16
12.30.2004--house of flying daggers, cinerama
12.29.2004--a very long engagement, egyptian
12.28.2004--the life aquatic with steve zissou, guild 45th
12.22.2004--the awful truth, northwest film forum
12.15.2004--ocean's twelve, pacific place
12.11.2004--being julia, the crest
11.25.2004--kinsey, egyptian
11.19.2004--sideways, neptune
11.09.2004--the incredibles, pacific place
10.17.2004--i heart huckabees, egyptian
09.23.2004--shall we dance?, uptown (free screening with arno)
09.17.2004--wimbledon, meridian 16
09.13.2004--bright young things, egyptian
09.09.2004--hero, pacific place
09.08.2004--harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, the crest
09.02.2004--vanity fair, pacific place
08.24.2004--garden state, guild 45th
07.30.2004--the manchurian candidate, bainbridge cinemas
07.30.2004--harold and kumar go to white castle, pacific place
07.27.2004--word wars, big picture
07.23.2004--the bourne supremacy, meridian 16
07.10.2004--fahrenheit 9/11, meridian 16
07.09.2004--anchorman, meridian 16
07.05.2004--napoleon dynamite, uptown
07.02.2004--dodgeball: a true underdog story, meridian 16
07.01.2004--spider-man 2, pacific place
06.27.2004--the saddest music in the world, crest
06.23.2004--shrek 2, cinerama
06.22.2004--the stepford wives, pacific place
06.20.2004--saved!, meridian 16
06.04.2004--harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, pacific place
05.29.2004--kill bill: vol. 2, pacific place
05.16.2004--bon voyage, harvard exit
05.02.2004--mean girls, meridian 16
04.15.2004--hellboy, meridian 16
04.01.2004--dawn of the dead, fremont theater (san luis obispo!)
03.24.2004--good bye, lenin!, seven gables
03.19.2004--eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, meridian 16
03.18.2004--kitchen stories, varsity
03.10.2004--starsky & hutch, pacific place
02.16.2004--barbershop 2: back in business, meridian 16
02.15.2004--50 first dates, meridian 16
02.06.2004--the perfect score, meridian 16
01.31.2004--one more saturday night, tape (at home)
01.02.2004--lord of the rings: the return of the king, cinerama
12.31.2003--the triplets of belleville, egyptian
12.25.2003--lord of the rings: the return of the king, bainbridge cinemas
12.22.2003--edward scissorhands, clinton street theater (portland!)
12.21.2003--the cooler, regal fox tower 10 (portland!)
12.19.2003--mona lisa smile, merdian 16
12.17.2003--shattered glass, metro
12.14.2003--something's gotta give, pacific place
11.28.2003--master and commander: the far side of the world, bainbridge cinemas
11.19.2003--elf, meridian 16
11.15.2003--mystic river, pacific place
11.14.2003--pieces of april, harvard exit
11.12.2003--love actually, pacific place
10.23.2003--the station agent, egyptian
10.17.2003--kill bill: vol. 1, meridian 16
10.10.2003--intolerable cruelty, pacific place
10.07.2003--the school of rock, meridian 16 (yes, for the second time)
09.28.2003--duplex, pacific place
09.26.2003--some like it hot, grand illusion
09.21.2003--pride and prejudice, dvd (yeah, it's not really a movie... so what?)
09.20.2003--one, two, three, grand illusion
09.18.2003--pumpkin, dvd
09.17.2003--once upon a time in mexico, cinerama
09.16.2003--jackass: the movie, dvd
09.13.2003--the apartment, grand illusion
09.12.2003--lost in translation, seven gables
09.06.2003--step into liquid, guild 45th
09.04.2003--the cuckoo, crest
09.03.2003--mansfield park, dvd
09.02.2003--dickie roberts: former child star, oak tree (free screening with arno)
09.01.2003--thirteen, egyptian
08.31.2003--sense and sensibility, dvd
08.29.2003--the battle of shaker heights, meridian 16
08.28.2003--american splendor, uptown
08.22.2003--stardust memories, dvd
08.18.2003--the secret lives of dentists, varsity
08.16.2003--seabiscuit, neptune
08.14.2003--better off dead, dvd
08.13.2003--freaky friday, pacific place
08.12.2003--clockwatchers, dvd
08.11.2003--le divorce, guild 45th
08.09.2003--star wars: the empire strikes back, dvd
07.31.2003--bad boys II, pacific place
07.30.2003--the school of rock, metro (free screening with arno)
07.27.2003--flirting, dvd
07.26.2003--the year my voice broke, dvd (though i fell asleep half way through)
07.25.2003--lara croft tomb raider: the cradle of life, meridian 16
07.23.2003--johnny english, meridian 16
07.18.2003--pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl, cinerama
07.17.2003--winged migration, egyptian
07.15.2003--how to deal, meridian 16 (free screening with arno)
07.07.2003--legally blonde 2: red, white & blonde, meridian 16
07.06.2003--spellbound, guild 45th
07.04.2003--undercover brother, dvd at my parent's house
07.01.2003--charlie's angels: full throttle, meridian 16
06.24.2003--the hulk, pacific place
06.23.2003--the matrix reloaded, pacific place
06.21.2003--two weeks notice, dvd
06.20.2003--hell house, dvd
06.13.2003--owning mahowny, varsity
06.12.2003--ja zuster, nee zuster, cinerama (siff)
06.06.2003--finding nemo, meridian 16
06.01.2003--fight club, dvd
06.01.2003--rosemary's baby, half watched in a hotel room in troutdale, oregon, the other half watched on dvd
05.31.2003--the italian job, pacific place
05.26.2003--the big lebowski, dvd
05.24.2003--the last picture show, dvd
05.24.2003--l' homme du train, seven gables
05.17.2003--heavy metal parking lot and other jeff krulik shorts, the little theater
05.16.2003--down with love, meridian 16
05.09.2003--the shape of things, uptown
05.07.2003--holes, meridian 16
05.02.2003--bend it like beckham, guild 45th
05.02.2003--x-2, cinerama
04.25.2003--a mighty wind, meridian 16
04.18.2003--better luck tomorrow, varsity
04.12.2003--the good thief, harvard exit
03.31.2003--spun, neptune
03.28.2003--lord of the rings: the two towers, cinerama
03.21.2003--laurel canyon, harvard exit
03.15.2003--shanghai knights, pacific place

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